What makes you tick?

Ok, so I have been reading nothing but people complaining about the upcoming election and new healthcare laws. Seriously people?! It honestly doesnt matter who gets elected, we will hate them a few days later anyways. And the new questions that come with the new healthcare laws do seem a bit invasive, but there are people out there that are not taking care of their children, hence the stupid questions. I just heard the other day about a woman that put her 2 & 3 year old in the car, ran inside to get something, and says she fell asleep. Again, seriously people? I will continue to get up everyday, teach my kids to be good people, make sure no one is playing with guns and hope that at some point everyone stops thinking that their opinion is the only right and true way! Hey people! I'm happy! You should try it!


That thing!

We as woman have three basic reactions that we are aloted in life.
Cry. Laugh. Throw things.

Throw things- I am surrounded by at least 4 short people at all times so throwing something means at some point I am going to end up taking one of them out.
Cry- I have at least 8 eyeliners hid throughout my house to keep kids from using them as tub markers so fixing my makeup after the tears is a bit unrealistic.
Laugh- I Laugh. It may seem silly but when things get hard for me I laugh. I just simply laugh. Some may think that laughing makes you seem distant or un feeling but for me it is simply my reaction to the tough times. I do not like my kids to see me unhappy or even having a hard time facing things, so I do try to teach my kids that sometimes things are hard enough that you just have to laugh. I believe that laughter is the best medicine and crying or throwing something is sometimes the best reaction for the moment but I do also like the fact that people can look at me and "go boy she handled that well."


I Found My New Niche

I LOVE this machine. A friend of mine is going to be traveling for about a month and wondered if I would want to finish up a project she was working on and said I could just take this GLORIOUS machine home with me to use too. OH MY ! This is going to the top of my list.


From Deep Within

I thought that switching over to a new and different blog would be a great little thing to do to start this new year off right and be able to start with the things that matter most. When I started setting this up a few weeks ago (per requested from a friend) I was happy and full of hope and going about my usual craziness. I wish I was still doing that right now too. But I should back up a little bit so I don't lose too many people.
After deciding that just ONE MORE baby would be perfect to fill out our little family, we took the leap and starting trying to conceive again. You can imagine the look on my face when I was filling out papers at the doctors office when I got to the question that asks if there is a chance you are pregnant. Having no clue at all if I was pregnant yet, I told them there was a possibilty just to give them a heads up. A couple tests and a new prescription later, I was sitting there waiting to be checked out when the nurse walks in and says "Thanks for the heads up because you are
indeed pregnant". AWESOME! We still got it! We are awesome!
I can honestly say that the last few weeks have been an absolute blur. The thing that hasn't been a blur is my beta levels that where not nearly as high as they should have been. Thinking to myself now, I have to wander if maybe I am pushing myself too hard. Going through the motions and starting all the vitamins and supplements for a pregnancy with me is just about as easy as teaching my five year old to drive. I have never been a pill or drug person and I can honestly say that I am still not adjusted 5 years later.
Fast forwarding to today- I am in complete shock. I am very mad. I am very angry. I am very hurt.
Having a doctor (that I have known for awhile) look you in the face and say "It has happened, the baby has stopped growing and there is no heartbeat" is the last thing I wanted today. This is the last thing I ever wanted....EVER. My body is sore and trying to do the most natural thing it knows how to do, HEAL and no longer carry a child. There are VERY few friends and family members that even knew we were pregnant and I am at least happy that we kept it that way.


De-Motivational Cleaning

This has to be the most shocking seeing as how none of my kids have ever taken a pacifier.

Who snuck in my house with a pacifier?


That's right! Sippy!
I never said sippy cup because that would be implying that I ACTUALLY know WHERE the cup is!


I have 2 of these




I have checked every square inch of my dryer and there is no trap door anywhere to be seen where tiny people are dropping in to steal our socks.
 The MisMatched sock trend had to have been by an OCD parent that finally gave up!

Hair Bow would also imply that these bad boys ever make it to their hair.


My storage / organizing enemy
No matter where this thing is it always seems to be in my way, and I have even went as far as to hang it on a large hook in our storage room. Storage room idea backfired since I am too short to get it down by myself.


We Would Not Be Surviving Winter........

........Without these great items that I made sure I stocked up on before it got cold.

With a big family, freezing temperatures, busy school days and of course being the elected one to always have to be on time, I am showing my list of must haves!

Used for more than just kid noses

I bought blankets that were specific for them to take in the car
Easier to keep track of

Lifesaver when you want to stay occupied but also cuddle with blanket
And for when you need to warm up
Keurig Cocoa - I will never admit how many boxes we have went through on here
Putting snack and craft together makes a cold day great
Crafts! Scour search engines for great winter crafts
Lots of Crafts!
We would make these everyday
Journal Writing
I know that Journal writing it not as common anymore, but I just love the idea of it. Of course my younger two children can't form whole words yet but I encourage my 3 year old to draw a picture of her favorite thing she did that day and to write down ideas of things she would like to do in the next coming days. I myself will draw a small picture or write a little note in their books just so they know that I am thinking about them. My eldest daughter finds my little notes that I have written in hers and loves to come show me what she has written back.
Family "Gotta Have"
I honestly dont know what I would do without this exact calendar. It has big sections to write in and stickers to easily mark events. The stickers are the best part. We have girl scouts every thursday (except on off school days) so I put all of the green flower "activity" stickers on the thursday section of the calendar. It is so much easier than going through and writing it down for every day. The stickers are also brighter than the calendar pages so it is easy to see the special days for an activity.
I also purposely went through and wrote down things to do just to get us out of the house on cold days.
Before winter is over I may very well have more that I just could not have lived without!